Our decades of experience has taught us that a great coffee or tea starts at the source. From hand selection and artful blending to expert roasting, packaging, and service, Joffrey’s delivers a simply superior coffee and tea experience.

First, our Roastmasters choose only the finest teas and coffees from around the globe. The coffee beans are then craft-roasted by artisans to ensure full flavor. Teas are hand selected according to Joffrey’s high standards and carefully blended with the finest herbs, spices, and flowers. Each is well-packaged to ensure absolute freshness, full aroma and exceptional taste upon brewing.  

Just as important, Joffrey’s delivers a long list of customer services to back our fine coffee and tea products. We offer extras such as training, equipment servicing, POS materials, recipe development, and convenient online ordering. Whether you’re running a corporate office, a world-wide chain, a resort, restaurant, hospital or military base, we'll provide everything you need to ensure the Joffrey's coffee or tea you serve is every bit as special as nature intended it to be.