Joffrey's offers a full range of complimentary products to support all your café needs. We provide one-stop shopping for specialty items, including syrups for lattes, hot chocolate, and powdered cappuccinos.



Are you looking to improve sales and drive demand for higher-priced beverages? Joffrey's carries a full line of fine Monin Syrups. Develop creative recipe solutions and a wide variety of specialty tea and coffee lattes to please nearly any palate.


Hot Chocolate

Our proprietary powdered hot chocolate works in various machines that deliver staff-free beverage creations.  Rich chocolate flavor with all the ease of home made.



Joffrey's also offers cappuccino for retailers and cafés with specialty dispensers for powdered beverages.  Artisan coffee flavor pre-mixed with a dairy-free creamer provide rich creamy cappuccino’s cup after cup.