After the long journey from origin and only after additional cupping (sampling) to confirm the beans' perfection, it's time to roast. We do it the same way we've always done it, roasted to order in small batches, each tended to personally by our Head Roastmaster or one of his Roastmaster apprentices.

Listen to the Beans

Like all facets of the roastmaster’s craft, roasting is an art. Our roasters perfect their art with the help of the coffee beans themselves, continually adjusting roasts and blends to make the most of each and every bean. They can also be spotted "listening" to the beans as only the best coffee roasters know the beans have much to say if you know how to listen.


Equal Parts Science & Instinct

Joffrey's respects and appreciates the history and tradition of the coffee process. But even true masters like us leave little to chance. That's why we use an Agtron Spectrophotometer to measure each roasted batch's reflectance under infrared light. Think of it as a unique fingerprint that guarantees each batch consistently produces the perfect cup. Still there is no replacement for the experience of a skilled palate, which is why one of our skilled roasters always makes the final call.


The Smartest People Are Ignorant

In the beginning, we knew we loved great coffee and tea, but very little about creating it. So we traveled, sipped, and listened. We think we're pretty good now—though our fans will tell you Joffrey's is the best they've ever tasted—but we know we have more to learn. "Nobody knows everything," Chris says. "We all learn something new every day." So we'll continue to explore, experiment, and eagerly await the new origin countries and flavors still to be discovered.