Coffee has become one of the most widely consumed beverages in the U.S., making it an indispensable offering for retailers everywhere. Roasted and ground coffees dominate sales, with more and more coffee drinkers citing taste as the deciding factor on where to purchase the coffee of their choice. 

Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company offers retailers a full array of artisan coffees to meet the growing demands and distinctive tastes of today's coffee drinkers. From light to dark roast profiles to flavors and exotic origins; we cover every taste profile. We source our beans from the best growing regions of the world, then small batch roast and deliver in whole-bean and ground formats. Quality is assured, since all Joffrey's retail coffees are 100% Arabica, kosher, as well as allergen-free and sugar-free.

Give your store's customers the quality coffee products they desire in the varieties they prefer. Distinguish your retail offerings with Joffrey's hand-sourced coffees from experienced artisan roasters, each roasted to order and delivered fresh for guaranteed quality and incredible taste.

Coffee Varieties: Single Origin Coffees

Joffrey's single-origin coffees are sourced from around the globe and selected by our Roastmaster from the country of origin. Each of these hand-picked, 100% Specialty Grade Arabica coffees can be traced to a single farm or region, and each coffee is craft-roasted to bring out the nuances and notes of that particular region. Whether sourced from Indonesia, Central or South America, Hawaii or Africa, every Joffrey's coffee must live up to both your good name and ours.



Joffrey's organic and fair trade coffees are the same great single-origin coffees, only USDA-certified organic. This ensures they are pesticide-free, grown and processed according to federal guidelines addressing factors such as soil quality, pest and weed control, and use of additives.

Our organic producers rely on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods to the fullest extent possible. A product can only be called “organic” if it's grown in soil that has no prohibited substances for three years prior to harvest.

Fair trade coffee follows a voluntary program utilized by coffee importers
to create an alternative market for traditionally disadvantaged producers in developing countries. Fair trade coffees are usually produced by
small-scale farmers and communities that we proudly support.


joffrey's Valor Blend® Coffee

This special coffee blend represents Joffrey's American roots. Like the men and women of the Armed Forces it's dedicated to, our craft-roasted Joffrey's Valor Blend® coffee represents strength and character. Made from 100% Specialty Grade Arabica beans from Central and South America, Valor Blend is artisan-roasted for bold flavor with a smooth, smoky finish.

A portion of the proceeds from this special coffee blend benefit Task Force Dagger Foundation, dedicated to providing immediate assistance to wounded, ill, and injured service members and their families.

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Tea Varieties: Teas to Suit Any Taste

High quality tea can offer an even greater profit potential than coffee. Millennials in particular are turning to tea in greater numbers as they grow older. More specifically, they're looking for quality tea products as a way of experiencing exotic destinations.

With its high profit potential, Joffrey's tea can be a smart addition to your retail offerings. We source only the finest teas from around the globe to bring you a wide variety of customer favorites.

These hand-picked, hand-blended teas are flavored to highlight the natural characteristics of each variety. Choose from traditional black, green, white, oolong, Pu’ehr, and herbal teas—all hand-picked treasures that will captivate the senses and bring customers back to your store for more.

Tea Formats: Loose Leaf Teas

Loose leaf teas provide a high-end brewing experience for discriminating tastes in a high demand category. For retailer convenience, our loose leaf teas, hand-picked from around the globe come in 2-oz., retail-ready, re-sealable bags with window views of the tea inside. Each tea is expertly blended with the finest herbs, flowers, and spices. Our teas are available in varieties to meet any retail need, including black, green, herbal, white, oolong, and Pu’erh.


Tea Sachets

Loose leaf tea sachets provide the full flavor of loose leaf tea with all the convenience of sachets. Perfect for retail and quick-serve, this format provides an overall better tea experience.

Joffrey's sources hand-picked teas from around the world, then blends and flavors them with the finest herbs, spices, and flower petals to create flavors ranging from traditional to exotic. The sachet format provides a convenient to-go method that retains the tea's freshness. The sachet's unique pyramid shape allows full-leaf expansion upon brewing, resulting in a better cup of tea.

Tea sachets are available in 10 varieties including black, green, rooibos, and flavored. They come pre-packed in retail-ready boxes.

Shipper Program

Our coffees are available in display shippers for in and out promotions.