A great cup of coffee can be a welcome part of any work day, making the daily grind a little less grinding. In fact, Business Insider considers coffee, "The one office perk you must splurge on," citing that 65% of workers drink an average of three cups per day on the job.

In addition to improving office morale and creating a positive culture, the article points out that caffeine keeps employees awake, alert, and focused, improving concentration and reducing the number of mistakes. Keep your office motivated and ready to work with a full selection of tailored office solutions from Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company.

High Morale at a Low Cost

Compared to most office perks, coffee offers lots of benefits at an extraordinarily low cost. With Joffrey's wide range of beverages, brewing formats, and flavor profiles, it's easy to keep everyone in the office happy, from the boss down. In fact, Joffrey's coffees have won in blind taste tests around the country.

National OCS Distribution makes it easy to arrange delivery from Florida to California and almost anywhere in-between. Our national & local distributers deliver to offices, corporate cafeterias, car dealerships, call centers, manufacturing facilities, and more.


Fresh Means Better, Not Bitter (COFFEE FORMATS)

It has been said that variety is the spice of life, and this is where Joffrey's truly delivers. Unlike most mass produced brands, our artisan coffees are roasted to order and delivered at the peak of freshness. Our varieties range from dark to light, savory to sweet. Our coffee meets most dietary restrictions, as they are sugar, dairy and gluten free. We also offer seasonal blends to keep things interesting.


PRE-Measured Fractional packs

Joffrey's Pre-Portioned Packs are easy to measure both in terms of satisfaction and budget.


The "whole" experience

Bring the whole bean coffee shop experience to the breakroom with basic and specialty brews.


Hot Liquid Coffee

Our highly specialized liquid coffee is made from our finest,
freshly roasted beans; providing delicious fresh coffee in high volume.


Cold Brew Coffee

Our specialized cold extraction process delivers the hottest trend in coffee: icy cold. 

POD brewer Perfection

Single-Serve Pods for brew on-demand coffee are compatible with most Pod brewers.

K-Cup Lids Mockup.png


Single Convenience

Single-Serve J-Cups deliver our popular roasts and flavors for Keurig compatible machines.

Stimulating Branded Materials

We pour our hearts into providing everything you need to make Joffrey's coffees a success for your business.

Airpot clings, table tents and branded coffee labels for servers and urns add to the coffee break experience and let people know they're about to drink an exceptional quality brew.

Cups, sleeves and lids provide convenience and comfort, while reminding drinkers you care enough to offer them the finest coffees and teas.

Posters and display tools add to the ambiance of the coffee drinking environment, improving satisfaction in the coffee break experience and making everyday moments that much better.

Training Provided

Your Joffrey's Sales Consultant will work with your team to provide complete training on equipment, beverage, and specialty drink preparation.