The right roast the right way

At Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company, we believe everyone deserves a better cup of coffee no matter what the environment. That's why we provide a full array of coffees to suit nearly any taste preference, regional profile, or seasonal need. To assure the finest quality, all Joffrey's coffees—are expertly sourced and crafted meet the varying needs of our customers.


Getting the roast just right

Joffrey's artisan-roasted coffees come in a variety of roasts to please every palate and whether flavored, unflavored or decaf—all are kosher, gluten-free, sugar-free and allergen-free.

Joffrey's artisan-roasted coffees come in a variety of roasts to please every palate:



medium, full, dark & DECAF

Medium: This beautiful, hazelnut-colored roast is our lightest, making it a favorite among those who prefer a balanced roast with natural sweetness and a less intense flavor.

Full Roast: Combines the best of our dark and lighter roasts for a wonderful spectrum, striking just the right balance between sweet and bold.

Dark Roast: A beautiful tree-bark colored roast that delivers boldness with less acidity, along with flavors that caramelize more sugars.

Decaffeinated: All the integrity, flavor, and nuances of our regular artisan-roasted beans, available in dark, medium, origin, flavored, or espresso decaffeinated coffee.

flavorful favorites

Take everyday coffee from good to great. Our mouth-watering flavors bring out the special nuances of our medium roast coffees. Each flavor is well-paired to complement the natural flavor, aroma, and goodness of our Central and South American beans.


Seasonal sensations

These festive favorites combine the best of our flavored coffees, but tweaked with just the right notes. Treat your coffee drinkers to specially crafted brews ranging from pumpkin to peppermint to dessert-inspired delights. They're just right for seasonal flavor trends.



Joffrey's single-origin coffees are personally selected by our Roastmasters and delivered to you fresh and full of flavor. Made from hand-picked, 100% Specialty Grade Arabica beans, these coffees are sourced from a single region or farm to ensure quality. We then craft-roast the beans to bring out the special nuances and notes of the region—be it Indonesia, Hawaii, Africa, or Central or South America.


These single-origin coffees represent the best from around the globe, with all the integrity implied by their Organic Fair Trade label. USDA-certified organic ensures pesticide-free coffee, grown in accordance with strict guidelines addressing soil quality and use of additives. A coffee can only be labeled organic when it's grown in soil that has had no prohibitive substances for three years prior to harvest.

 The Fair Trade seal, in addition, applies to coffee imported from a traditionally disadvantaged producer. This voluntary program helps create alternative markets favoring small scale farmers in developing countries. Fair Trade coffees are purchased through democratically organized farmer cooperatives at commodity prices providing a dignified livelihood.



This hearty, flavorful roast delivers the bittersweet finish of fine espressos. Each roast varies in strength and acidity level, while producing the fantastic aroma and rich crema quality that espressos are known for.

 Perfect for espresso machines and espresso based beverages, Joffrey's expertly roasted whole bean and ground espressos enhance the intense flavors of fine lattes, cappuccinos, and single shot beverages.

 Joffrey's espresso roasts are also offered in pods for consistent flavor cup after cup. Espresso pods deliver all the nuances of the espresso with none of the variation from grinding and tamping by the barista.