Joffrey's makes it easy to offer our artisan-roasted coffees anytime and anywhere. We provide formats for nearly any brewing need, regardless of location, type of machine, or staffing availability. Choose from single-serve, high volume, hot, iced, or any format in-between, whether you're serving the needs of a small office of high volume cafeteria. 


Whole Bean taste in a fractional format

This convenient, ready-to-brew coffee format comes in 2.0-oz., 2.5-oz., and 2.75-oz. sizing and requires no special training to prepare.


WHOLE BEAN COFFEES: as fresh as it gets

Joffrey's famous coffees, espressos, and flavored coffees come fresh from the roaster in whole bean format. These coffees are perfect for restaurants, bean-to-cup brewers, small to large office machines, and specialty locations capable of grinding their own beans to personalize every cup.


HOT LIQUID: high volume, authentic taste

Our highly specialized hot liquid extraction process uses no chemicals or preservatives to deliver delicious, fresh Joffrey's coffee made from the finest, artisan-roasted beans. The easier-to-serve, hot liquid format is perfect for hotel food service, institutions, cafeterias, health care, convention areas, cruise ships, and other high-volume facilities. Treat your customers to perfectly brewed coffee in a variety of flavors including French Roast, French Roast Decaf, and Flavored Jamaican Me Crazy.

 Enjoy the advantages of Joffrey's Hot Liquid Coffees:                           

  • Economical
  • Low Maintenance
  • Less Waste
  • Always Fresh
  • No Refrigeration
  • Two .5 Gallons
  • 6-Month Shelf Life
  • No Messy Filters


filter packs: fast and fresh

For speed of service, these ready-to-brew packs offer a smart solution for commercial coffee brewers such as offices. Pre-measured in various sizes for different types of equipment, Joffrey's filter packs provide fresh coffee flavor in convenient, one-use packs. Get fresh, craft-roasted flavor, plus easy brewing and clean-up.


Single Serve cups: single
and easy to love

This Keurig-compatible solution provides a ready-to-brew single serving of our artisan-roasted coffees in a convenient, easy-to-brew format. Perfect for smaller offices and other low traffic locations, single serve cups are available in a variety of flavors, including popular favorites like:

  • French Roast
  •  Breakfast Blend
    (an everyday favorite)
  • Jamaican Me Crazy (our #1 best-selling, flavored coffee)
  • Divine Donut (unflavored)
  • Decaf Café Blend
  • Angel's Kiss (flavored)


angels_kiss_Pod Box copy.jpg

Filter pods: for singles only

Joffrey’s filter pods provide
ready-to-brew convenience in single servings for
in-room hotel service and other single serve coffee brewing needs. Pre-measured in quantities to suit almost any equipment, these freshly packed and sealed pods deliver all the flavor of ground,
craft-roasted coffees with none of the mess.
Give your guests a perfect coffee experience every "single" time.